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Stainless Steel 304H is another T-300 series austenitic steel type. It is also an 18-8 Chromium-nickel alloy with 18% Chromium content and 8% Nickel. Grade 304H also finds usage n common household applications, as well as commercial purposes. 304H Grade pipes have resistance to atmospheric corrosion, organic and inorganic chemicals in moderately oxidizing, as well as reducing environments.

Higher chromium content in Alloy 304H pipes also provide resistance from oxidizing solutions like nitric acid. UNS S30409 is also capable of effectively withstanding moderately harsh organic acids like acetic acid. Caustic solutions also of no problem to this alloy, as it can work in chloride and fluoride free caustic solutions at moderate temperatures. Highly reducing environments might be a problem for 304H pipes. Alloy 304H pipes also have long term and short term creep strength also with effective resistance to sensitization. This grade finds use in applications like petroleum refineries, Heat exchangers, Condensers, Pipelines, cooling towers, steam exhausts, electric generation plants, and pipelines.

Grade 304H can be made into pipes of specific sizes as per application demands.

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