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There are the lots of brands, grades, and quality of fittings available in the market and online shop. But when you ask someone to choose the right quality of fittings, then Stainless steel 304L pipe fittings are widely preferred. These are stainless steel fittings made with the mixture of the 304L grade. The 304L grade helps these fittings to become stronger and possess high tensile strength. These fittings are high in demand as they can be used for various purposes and in various industrial applications like oil refineries, chemical industry and so on. On the other hand, these pipe fittings cover national and international specifications that include other standards as well!


Certification and packaging

As we are talking about Stainless Steel 304L Butt weld Fittings that are high in demand, then it is important to know about its certification and packaging also. These pipe fittings come across various tests and inspections such as flattening test, hardness test ultrasonic test, and third-party inspection. These tests are done to ensure that products are of good and last for long. Moreover, at the time of delivery, they are packed in wooden cases so as to prevent damages and rusting.

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