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Valves are used to regulate flows. To throttle or block fluids into a region based on the requirements. Valves find their applications in wide range of industries – Oil and gas corporations, pipelines, household taps, biopharma industries, etc. Most industries require valves, for one application or another. Stainless steel valves of grade 304N are found in various types like ball type, gate type, needle types, etc. These valves are available for high and low-pressure ranges and high and low temperature ranges as well. 304N series is corrosion resistant enough. It is not very resistant to corrosion, especially when one has to use it for longer periods of time. But for smaller periods, it works just fine.


For mild acids and very little salt content areas, 304N works just fine.


Valves play more important role than one can imagine. They are one of the most basic blocks of an industry. The control of fluids is one of the most important requirements for the burners, boilers, etc. The fluids cannot move inside at whatever rate it wants to. The rate of the fluid flow has to be set. It has to stop when required and accelerate otherwise as per requirements. 304N valves are also available in wide price ranges depending upon the size and type of the valve chosen.

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