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The Super duplex stainless steel 2507 bolts are produced mainly for handling the corrosive conditions and situations wherein greater strength is needed.  The content of molybdenum, chromium, and nitrogen in these grade bolts helps it in withstanding crevice corrosion and pitting corrosion resistance. This material is as well as chloride stress corrosion cracking resistance, to fatigue corrosion, to erosion corrosion and general corrosion in acid situations.  The bolts are having the high mechanical strength and good weldability.  It also has high thermal conductivity and is the low coefficient of thermal expansions. 


When the Super duplex stainless steel 2507 bolts are produced and are ready to ship, company is providing various documentations. It is just a proof that production of bolts are done carefully so that no human errors are affecting its quality. The documentation like packaging list, guarantee letter, welding procedure specification, fumigation certification, raw material testing report, material traceability record, and quality assurance plan are provided. Also, NABL approved lab test record, heat treatment chart; test certificate that certifies NACE MR0175/MR0103, material test certificate is provided. All this makes a buyer to trust fully on the seller and can have more deals in future.

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