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UNS S32760

It is a super Duplex Stainless Steel known for withstanding high strength even at sub-zero temperatures. This type of steel is an excellent option for resistance against corrosion. They are suitable in harsh working environments as they are available at very effective cost. The main contents of super duplex Stainless Steel UNS S32760 fasteners are 7% nickel, 25% chromium, 3.6% molybdenum along with some concentration of copper, nitrogen, and tungsten. This type of duplex Stainless Steel displays high PREN. So, these may be subjected to aggressive and extreme working conditions. These are one of the super duplex graded Stainless Steel which has a microstructure of ferritic-austenitic. One of the main constituents of UNS S32760 is ferrite up to 40-50% in the condition of annealing.


The super duplex Stainless Steel fasteners have an elevated strength from ferrite grades. These grades help them in retaining their properties of anti-corrosion. It is not an uncommon issue to use metals in practical solutions for stress checking. These practical solutions are chloride-induced which tests their true resistance against corrosion. not only this, UNS S32760 fasteners also act as an outstanding opposition to Sulphide-stress corrosion in the environments of sour gas.

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