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UNS S32760

Duplex steel tube fitting is mixed microstructure of the ferrite and austenite and it is having enhanced strength over austenitic and ferritic steel grades. Massive numbers of the instrumentation fitting options are available like tube to pipe fittings, tube fitting accessories, tube to male fittings and tube to union fittings. It is the best space saving tubing which is having both weldability and workability. You are always suggested to invest in premium quality of super duplex stainless steel UNS S32760 instrumentation fittings.


This kind of the fitting option might come under your budget so you can save your money. It comes with the test certificate options like raw materials certificate, 3rd party inspection report and raw materials certificate. At the same time it has excellent documentation like heat treatment charts, material traceability records, quality assurance plan and material test certificate. Extensive ranges of the instrumentation fitting options are available like welded, fabricated, seamless and ERW. It could be available in unique forms like square pipes, round pipes and coiled tubes. Try to do some research to find out reliable manufacturer.


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