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Zeron 100

Super duplex stainless steel Zeron 100 pipes are known best for their high strength and resistance. These stainless steel pipes are used in several applications that need strength and better corrosion to resistance. Well, if we talk about zeron 100 then it is one of the alloyed stainless steel mainly used in applications in the aggressive environment. It is a well-combination of chemical, physical and mechanical properties that are high in demand. This alloy has high resistance to corrosion, moreover, the copper content present in this alloy offer it excellent strength.


When super duplex stainless steel Zeron 100 seamless pipes are manufactured this alloy guarantee to provide better strength and performance to these pipes. However, these pipes are manufactured as per international and national standards. These pipes are available in different types such as seamless, welded, and fabricated and ERW. The length of these pipes varies from customer to customer as per their demand and requirement. But, these pipes are mainly available in single random length or double random length. These pipes are well tested and certified by inspection agencies who in turn offer quality approval certificate for these stainless steel products.

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