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ERTi-5 (Grade 5, Ti 6Al-4V), commonly called “6-4” is the most common and widely used alloy grade. Titanium ERTi-5 Filler Wire is a TIG, MIG, and submerged arc filler metal used for welding the 6 per cent Aluminum – 4 per cent Vanadium alloys. Titanium ERTi-5 Filler Wire provides good weldability, high fatigue strength, toughness, ductility and is heat treatable.


Titanium ERTi-5 Filler Wire is used in Aircraft and competition motor-sports applications which include airframes and chassis structures, turbine engine parts, exhaust systems and ducting, discs, wheels and spacer rings. Other industrial applications of ERTi-5 Welding Wire include pressure vessels, chemical processing equipment, piping systems and compressor blades.


Titanium ERTi-5 Welding Wire has corrosion resistance which is generally comparable to Grade 2 and it is often used in corrosion service where higher strength is required, particularly in shafts, high strength bolting, and keys. The weld deposit is ductile and offers outstanding resistance to corrosion in oxidizing environments. The unique combination of mechanical strength and corrosion resistance makes ERTi-5 Filler Wire a preferred choice in many applications to solve problems. Titanium ERTi-5 Filler Wire is cleaned in a very special way to obtain porosity free and a ductile weld deposit.


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