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As we all know that there are different grades of bolts available in the market but which one is good is the most common question that hits every mind. If you are among those who have this question and finding the right quality and grade of bolts that we would recommend you to purchase Titanium Gr 1 bolts. Yes! These are the best grade and quality of bolts that are manufactured using titanium element. They are manufactured under different temperatures and environment as it make bolts hard and strong enough to bear all types of environment and temperature. Furthermore, they meet international and national specifications and standards that include ASTM, ASME, and JIS.


Specification, certification, and packaging

Titanium Gr 1 bolts as said earlier are made of titanium alloy thus they posse’s high tensile strength and corrosion resistance. These bolts come across various tests and inspections like flattening test, IGC test, hardness test and third-party inspection to prove quality and durability. Not only this, these titanium bolts are packed in wooden cases or wooden pallets to prevent bolts from damages and rusting until its last stage of production or usage.

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