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Gr  1

This electrode is the purest and most common grade of titanium alloy. The rod has excellent weldability, and it is light. It is also unalloyed and has good ductility. The metal is used in the processing of sodium and chloride chlorates. The electrode is resistant to oxidation and mild reduction. The alloy can withstand chloride-bearing environments. The material is not adversely affected by high welding temperature because it is almost single-phase. The welds retain the properties of the filler metal. However, this is the lowest grade of titanium electrodes in terms of strength.


Properties of titanium Gr 1 electrodes


Mechanical- The ultimate strength of the alloy is 345MPa while the yield strength is 240MPa. It has a maximum elongation capacity of 35% in 50mm. The density of the filler metal is low at 4.5g/cm3which is associated with the lightweight.


Chemical- The elements found in titanium grade 1 electrode include oxygen, hydrogen, iron, carbon, and titanium. The components are in traces and titanium has the most significant percentage.



  • Chemical processing.
  • Marine industries.
  • Airframe construction.
  • Aerospace and military engineering.
  • Medical field.

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