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Titanium gr 1 is a specific grade of titanium. It is basically unalloyed titanium that provides or offers ductility, cold formability, toughness or strength and phenomenal weld ability. It is used far and wide in the manufacture of valves of different sizes, which ensure streamline flow off fluids in one particular direction.


Characteristics or properties of titanium gr 1 valves:

  • It undergoes an elongation of about 25-35% in length and a reduction of 30% in the surface area at break point.
  • Its modulus of elasticity is around 103 GPa.
  • Its Poisson’s ratio is somewhere between .34 to .40
  • It has very less electrical resistivity at room temperature.


Applications of titanium gr 1 valves:

Titanium Gr 1 Valves is corrosion resistant to a large extent. This is the main reason or principle underlying many of its applications.

  • Used in chemical and marine industries.
  • Titanium gr 1 valves find themselves of great use in airframe construction. In this case, a great ease of formability is expected.
  • Other available mill products include ingot, tubing, pipe, forging, bars and extrusions.

Grade 1 titanium has exceptional weldability and this is one of the reasons why it is not affected, or affected minutely by high temperatures or welding temperatures. As such, the grade 1 titanium valves do not get deformed easily under high temperature conditions.

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