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Titanium Gr 4 Screw is well known for being strong and also provides you with corrosion resistance. While comparing the titanium screw with the other metal screw it is found that they provide you with the highest strength and weight ration. Titanium grade is said to be 5 times stronger and they are half the weight of stainless steel. This is the reason titanium steel is said to be the ideal for all the applications that are for both lightness and weight. They provide high strength to oil and gas, military and sporting goods.


They are said to be unique among various metals they are said to be the best in chemical processing industries and is said to be the best in chlorine handling and are the best in chlorine in chlorine compound in aqueous solutions. Titanium Gr 4 Screw is a fully resistant solution from chloride. These are the screws that are being the best and are using in the chlorine related industries, pulp, paper and chloralkali and bleach.


Titanium Gr 4 Screw is said to be excellent and are the best that prevent sea water corrosion as well. Works the best at high temperature and are used in industries like gas, oil, and various marine industries.

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