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Gr 5

The primary characteristics of this electrode are low ductility and high strength. It has excellent weldability, and it can be hardened through precipitation. Like other titanium alloys, this filler metal is also lightweight. The electrode is resistant to corrosion in most common and industrial environments. The elements used to make the rod make it expensive, and its use is limited. The other components of the filler metal improve the strength while retaining the weight of titanium. The filler metal is shielded by inert gases to avoid oxygen pickup which leads to embrittlement of the welds. Aluminum and vanadium are used as the alpha and beta stabilizers respectively.


Properties of titanium Gr 5 electrodes


Mechanical- The alloy has a density of 4.43g/cm3. The tensile strength and yield strength are 950 and 880MPa respectively. The rod has a low elongation capacity of around 15%.


Chemical- The elements found in titanium grade 5 electrodes are titanium, iron, aluminum, vanadium, oxygen, carbon, and nitrogen. Aluminum and vanadium act as stabilizers in the alloy.



  • Aerospace and military engineering.
  • Rocket engine cases.
  • Sports cars.
  • Pressure vessels.

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