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Gr 5

A great combination of elements can be the strongest material; this has proven by the Titanium Gr 5 Tubing. Yes, this product is made up of the great elements like from aluminum, vanadium which increases the strength of the product or we can also say that it increases the strength or power of the titanium which is used in the product.  But even after having such huge combination the weight of the product is quite retainable. The thickness, shapes, sizes or length this all can be designed even according to the customer need. Mostly, when the customer’s calls for this product they use to mention their needs, and the company use to fulfill the need of their customers. 

After making this product as per the mentioned terms of the customers it goes under testing division that checks whether the product is best or not. Titanium Gr 5 Seamless Tubing is available in many sizes like 1mm to 254mm whereas the thickness is about of 0.1mm to 20mm.  Else everything is like the normal pipe that was used before this pipe.  Today this pipe or tube is in great used especially in industrial sectors.

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