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How Titanium Gr 7 pipes are manufactured is one of the common questions that arise in many of our minds, because these titanium pipes are high in demand and offer corrosion resistance and high strength to applications. Well, if we talk about its manufacturing process it is a long process that takes months to manufacture an excellent pipe. The process includes mainly three stages, where at the first manufacturing stage titanium sponge is melted at a very high temperature where at the next step carbon is removed. After removing carbon from it, it is poured in a copper crucible in order to let titanium cool down.

In the next manufacturing process Titanium Gr 7 pipes, a roller like a machine rolls the pipe and stretch to make it thinner. After bloom and slab process it is processed at a high temperature once, it is sent for the pipe making. Now, it’s up to the manufacturer whether he wants seamless pipes or welded pipes to manufacture. The complete process takes place under the supervision of quality experts. These pipes are manufactured as per international and national standard. In addition to it, physical inspection and X-ray gauge inspection is also done.

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