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Gr 7

Titanium gr 7 plates are quite similar to that of titanium gr 2 plates with the small change in composition by adding palladium while making an alloy. These plates are most resistant to corrosion of acids and seawater which make it useful in marine applications. Also with the introduction of palladium in composition, it becomes resistive to crevice corrosion even at low temperature and high pH conditions. These properties make it useful for marine applications such as shafts, heat chillers, diver’s knife, saltwater aquariums etc.


Specifications and standards-

To have international acknowledgment they are specified with ASTM B265 and ASME SB265 with standards of ASTM, ASME, and API. When it comes to terms of size, they are available in 4.0mm to 100mm range for thickness along with specialization of shim plates, perforated plates B.Q, and profile plates.



Packing plays an important factor when you have to deliver products at far distances to avoid any damage to Titanium gr 7 plates during the delivery. And to ensure this all our products are packed with shrink wrapped wooden boxes and then in wooden crates, this makes them extra damage protective.

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