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Tool and Die Steel D2 Bars

D2 Tool Steel is a versatile high-carbon, high-chromium, air-hardening steel tool that is distinguished by relatively high attainable hardness and various, large, chromium-rich, alloy carbides microstructure. These carbides have excellent wear resistance from sliding contact with certain metals and abrasive materials. D-2 offers an efficient combination of wear resistance and hardness, tool performance, price and a wide variety of product forms.


D2 Tool Steel Bar can be tempered at 204 degrees C (400 degrees F) for achieving Rockwell C hardness of 61 and at 537 degrees C (1000 degrees F) for a Rockwell C hardness of 54. Forging of D2 Die Steel Bar can be done from 1065 degrees C (1950 degrees F) down to 954 degrees C (1750 degrees F). Do not forge below 926 degrees C (1700 degrees F). D2 tool steel bar is used for long run tooling applications, where wear resistance is important.


The typical applications for D2 tool and die steel are Planer Blades, Rolls, Punches, Blanking Dies, Forming Dies, Trimming Dies, Shear Knives, Knife Blades, and more. We sell D2 tool steel in both rounds and flats.


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