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Water-hardening tool steels are also referred to as Group W steels. W steels have a low resistance to softening at high temperatures and are cheap. W1 Tool and Die Steel Bar is one of the most widely available water hardening tool steel grades and can be easily hardened by heating and quenching in water. However, W1 Tool and Die Steel are subject to a certain amount of distortion during the quenching process. Forging of the W1 Tool steel Bars can be performed at 1038 degrees C (1900 degrees F) down to 816 degrees C (1550 degrees F) but not below 843 degrees C (1500 degrees F).


UNS T72301 Tool and Die Steel Bars are generally utilized for applications like hand-operated metal cutting tools, cold heading, embossing taps and reamers as well as cutlery. W1 Tool Steel is plain carbon steel and machines with ease. W1 Die Steel is the baseline of 100 percent machinability on which machinability of the other tool steels is compared.


W1 Tool steel with large sections or intricate shapes have to be slowly preheated to 593 degrees C (1100 degrees F) and then the temperature should be slowly increased to 816 degrees C (1500 degrees F). W1 Tool Steel Bars should be maintained at the same temperature for 10 to 30 minutes and finally water or brine quenched.


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