10 Manufacturers, Suppliers, Distributors listed for Copper C10200  Bars
Copper C10200 Bars

Copper C10200 Bars

If you want to know about the features of copper C10200 bars then read this article! Here we have discussed features of this grade of copper bar. One of the best features offered by this bar is high electrical as well as thermal conductivity. In addition to this it is highly ductile and holds high strength, good resistance.

Copper C10200 bars are easy to weld and show volatility under higher vacuum. It is typically used in electrical industries and machines like electric conductors, microwave, etc. the shape in which the bars are available is flat and rectangular and it holds thickness ranging between 1/8” to 2” or ½” to 8”. While the square bars are available in ¼” to 2”. These bars are produced using raw material of good quality and keeping in mind the needs of customers.

Bars of appropriate length are tested and inspected by the professionals. After this the product is sent for packaging. Packaging is done in durable mat

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