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Copper C11000 Bars

Copper C11000 Bars

Copper C11000 Bars are mostly known for its good corrosion resistance, good thermal conductivity, and solderability properties. These copper made bars are being used for anodes, ground straps, current holding hardware, welding fixtures as well as bus bar to install electric power. Its intrinsic fabrication qualities allow it to be drilled, riveted, formed to fit, bent, peened and soldered almost all kind of design specification. The copper bars possess exceptional hot workability. These are available in different sizes and types.


Rectangular or flat bars- ½ to 8” wide and 1/8 to 2” thick, Round bars are from 3/16 to 15” diameter, Square bar is from ¼ to 4” square , The last one is bus tube or bar- goes above 6” OD and cut to size.

Copper C11000 Bars are extra high quality and grade of material that is made using 99.9% of the copper content. The bars have some good qualities such as high impact strength, high e

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