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Haynes 242 Bars

Haynes 242 Bars

The Haynes 242 bars are known as age-hardenable nickel-chromium alloys with a magnificent strength that can withstand for a longer period of time. They work incredibly due to high creep strength and tensile strength that enable them to withstand temperature up to 1300°F or 705°C. The bars offer high ductility and double dose strength. They have high oxidation resistance and can stand longer up to 1500°F or 815°C. Due to excellent thermal stability, high-temperature fluorine, fatigue properties which make them work well under tough conditions.

They have outstanding forming and welding capacity and can work in the hot temperature range up to 1800-2250° F. They are offered to clients in various forms such as round, square, hex and angle. A typical round bar has a diameter as 0.20mm-650mm whereas the square bar has 3mm-500mm as diameter. Stepped shafts, disc, donuts and other shapes are some of the forging pieces of the Haynes bar.

The bar before reaches c

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