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Haynes 718 Bars

Haynes 718 Bars

The Haynes 718 bars are nickel-chromium-iron-titanium-aluminum-molybdenum-columbium alloy especially designed with combined fabrication and high strength characteristics. The bars are significantly stronger for various applications but the temperature must lie below 1200° F. The bars and its forms are much easy to weld and are less susceptible to cracking problems. With superior strength and gamma characteristics they hold excellent fabric ability.

It can stand hot and cold temperature range of about 1700-2100°F and 1700-1850° F respectively. The bars have forms as round, square, hex, and angle or rectangular based on the purpose. It also has finishing as hot rolled, hairline, bright and rough turned. The bars are made with ensured accuracy and corrected data so that it exactly meet the client demand and need. They are test specified under severe and tough conditions that determine its suitability for various purposes.

The bars have potential benefits that are

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