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Haynes Ti-3Al-2.5V Bars

Haynes Ti-3Al-2.5V Bars

Haynes Ti-3Al-2.5V bars is both strong and lightweight. It also has an elevated strength-to-weight ratio which offers a chief design benefit that is saving weight. This is the alloyed made product or bars which is containing a little mixture of stainless steel. These alloyed bars are designed specifically for fuel and aircraft hydraulic systems. It gives good performance even at high temperature, that is why it is used at the place where the need for the tolerance conductivity. These bars specifications and features meet the international standards such as ASTME, API and so on. You can get the product from lower range to higher range in accordance with your project.

Testing- the bars go through many tests such as ultrasonic light, X-Ray lights, third-party inspection and so on. The experts test out these bars and make sure whether it has any defect or not. If they find any defect inside the bars, they again send it to be manufactured.

Packaging- the packaging of Haynes Ti

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