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Nimonic C263 Bars

Nimonic C263 Bars

Nickel- cobalt chromium-molybdenum alloy bars are the nimonic alloy C263 bars. These bars show excellent fabrication features in the annealed condition. These bars also show good strength and are long lasting. In addition to this, it also show good ductility and thus, they can be cold formed and hot worked. This alloy is welded using the identical composition filler wire both in MIG or TIG form.

These bars are available as flat bars, round bars or polished bars. The UNS number of this bar is N07263. These bars are produces as per AMS 5872E, AMS 5872, AMS 5966 standard. Bars of this alloy are used in welding GTD222 outlay castings, welding 263 metal bases. Size of the round bars range from 1-3500mm, while width range from 10-2500mm. the length of these bars can be customized.

During the manufacturing of nimonic alloy C263 bars the ultrasonic inspection is done so as to check the quality of the product. Inspection is done by the professionals or the third parties. The produ

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