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Alloy Steel Gr B7M Bolts

Alloy Steel Gr B7M Bolts

Alloy steel Gr B7M bolts are produced from AISI 4142/4140 carbon alloy followed by tempering and quenching. The bolts have good quality as well as precision because it is made from best raw material. Also this grade bolt is named as grade 7 bolt and B7 volt. Fasteners are available in various forms, size and coating. One can easily look for specific size of bolt or get it customized while ordering.

Various processes are involved in manufacturing this product. The product after manufacturing is subjected to various types of tests like hardness test, flaring test and so on, after testing certification is done and the inspection is done by third party. All these processes are necessary and if any fault is found during this process then the product has to be manufactured again because only quality material is supplied in the market for use.

Clients prefer to use high quality and tested material in industrial applications. Also, some clients prefer to have their material packed

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