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Carbon Steel EN-8 Channels

Carbon Steel EN-8 Channels

The Carbon Steel EN-8 Channels is also termed as the 080M40. It is an unalloyed steel of medium carbon nature. This is steel which is of medium strength and comes with great tensile strength. They are suitable for the stressed pins, keys, studs, shafts and more. They are available as eh rolled and normalized one. They are best supplied as the plate, flats, square, heaxagon, round hot roll, round drawn and others. It can be easily tempered at the heat of around 550 degree C to around 660 degree C.

Hardening of the steel

Heating the Carbon Steel EN-8 Channels for one hour for thickness can be done and one can cool the same in water or oil. Its normalizing can take place around 830-860 degree C and cooled in air too. The quenching in water or oil after heating it on this temperature can harden well the steel. It consists of less carbon then it is used. It can weld the pieces to around 18mm thickness without the preheating by making use of MIG wire or even 7018 electrode.

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