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Stainless Steel 302 Electrodes

Stainless Steel 302 Electrodes

The alloy has higher carbon content than the common 18/8 ratio. The electrode has excellent strength and ductility. It is highly resistant to most types of corrosion. The alloy is only hardenable through cold working, and it is unresponsive to heat treatment. It has excellent weldability and formability. It is suitable for welding similar and dissimilar grades of steel with the same chromium and nickel composition. It has higher nickel content than 301 which makes it more resistant to corrosion. The filler metal can withstand oxidizing environments. The rod can be used in cryogenic temperatures.

Properties of stainless steel 302 electrodes

Mechanical- The alloy has a tensile strength of 625MPa while the yield strength is 275MPa. The elongation capacity of the wire is high at around 50% in 50mm.

Chemical- The elements found in stainless steel 302 electrodes are carbon, chromium, nickel, molybdenum, sulfur, phosphorus, silicon, manganese, and iron. The percentage of c

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