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Stainless Steel 316L Electrodes

Stainless Steel 316L Electrodes

The filler metal provides rutile-basic type of coating. The electrode has high levels of molybdenum to provide resistance to corrosion and pitting.  Carbon is low to increase the rate of intergranular corrosion resistance. However, the rod is prone to some acid corrosion like nitric. It is suitable for chloride environments even under high temperatures. They are ideal for welding 316, 317L and 316L grades of steel and their stabilized versions. The electrodes are not suitable for structural services where temperatures exceed 4000 C.  The alloy has an excellent metal droplet transfer, easy slag removability, and smooth bead formation.

Properties of stainless steel 316L electrodes

Mechanical- The tensile strength of this alloy is 410MPa. It has a yield strength of around 205MPa. The elongation capacity is 30%. It can withstand an optimum temperature of 400 degrees Celsius during service.

Chemical- The primary elements of the alloy are carbon, manganese, silicon, mo

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