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Stainless Steel 317L Electrodes

Stainless Steel 317L Electrodes

The grade has higher molybdenum content than 316. The low carbon content reduces intergranular corrosion from carbide precipitation. It is highly resistant to sulfur acids and salts. It is used to weld similar steel exposed to corrosive environments. The electrode can withstand high temperature operations. The grade is also exceptional because it displays resistance against copper and brass. The primary use of the alloy is welding stainless steel 317 and 317L.

The rods have low spatter loss, and the slag has an easy removability. The electrode can join different types of steel. The alloy can withstand an optimum temperature of 13000 F. it is an all-position welding filler metal.

Properties of stainless steel 317L electrodes

Mechanical- The grade has a tensile strength of around 600MPa. It has a yield strength of 380MPa while the elongation capacity is 30%.

Chemical- This electrode is made up of carbon, molybdenum, nickel, chromium, silicon, manganese, and iron. The

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