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Titanium Gr 12 Fasteners

Titanium Gr 12 Fasteners

Are you looking for Titanium bolts and screws of high quality? Then thoroughly read this article it will provide you with all information regarding the Titanium Gr 12 Fasteners. This fastener is considered as a pure form of titanium fasteners product and is high in demand and it is used in mildly reducing and fluctuating conditions. It offers many features like better resistance to crevice corrosion, high strength, and allows extra strength for the use of lighter sections and it is most suitable for an application like to sustain in sever environment condition.

Specifications of Titanium Gr 12 Fasteners-

This fastener product is designed in accordance with the national as well as international standard. The size of this bolt lies between M02 to M 160 and has length ranges between the 3mm to 200mm. Moreover, has dimension such as DIN, BS, IS, GB, ASTM and other equivalent standards. This fastens come in the form of hex, round, square, threading as per gauge etc. This screw pro

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