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Titanium Gr 3 Fasteners

Titanium Gr 3 Fasteners

When you seek to buy titanium fasteners you will find that many leading producers of high integrity Titanium Gr 3 fasteners are offering of good quality. We are offering those in various sizes, dimensions, and all other related specifications to meet the client’s demands. This fulfills various critical industrial and engineering applications into the hostile environment. Also, the supplier assures in providing exceptional and never-ending high quality of value-added services and products.

The standard specification of titanium Gr 3 fasteners is ASTM B348. The product quality standard that producers are keeping in mind while producing fastener is ASTM, ASME, JIS, DIN, IS, BS, EN, and other international standards.  The types fasteners available is a pan head slotted screw, head slotted screw, head cap screw, socket head cap screw low head and many more. The forms in which these fasteners are available are Hex, threading as per gauge, round etc.

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