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Stainless Steel ER310 Filler Wire

Stainless Steel ER310 Filler Wire

ER310 Filler Wire is fully austenitic Stainless steel wire, the weld metal contains ferrite nil and it has excellent resistance to heat. Stainless Steel ER 310 welding wire of 25% Cr-20% Ni steel for welding identical heat-resisting type steel and mostly suitable for welding carbon steel to 18/8 stainless steel and fully austenite stainless steel for services temperature up to 1100 degrees C and also use for cladding application.

Stainless Steel ER310 Filler Wire is used for welding types AISI 310, 304 clad stainless steel, ferritic and martensitic chromium steels, and for stainless steel overlay work on mild and carbon steels. ER310 welding wire produces weld deposits of high strength and high scaling resistance at elevated temperatures.

SS ER310 Filler Wire has useful oxidation and scaling resistance up to 1200 degrees C and good cryogenic toughness down to -196 degrees C. The main applications for ER310 Welding Wire are at elevated temperatures for example in furnaces.

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