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Stainless Steel 904L Flanges

Stainless Steel 904L Flanges

The Stainless Steel 904L Flanges are non-magnetic flanges that offer excellent formability, toughness, and weldability. They are non-stabilized SS flanges that contain low carbon content of about 0.02%. They also contain carbon, which helps them to enhance their resistivity against strong reducing acids. With the tensile strength of 490 MPa, the Stainless Steel 904L flanges and fittings offer excellent resistance to crevice and stress corrosion cracking. They are widely used in the industries because of the resistivity against warm seawater and chloride attack. The Stainless Steel 904L Flanges and Fittings also offer good oxidation resistance, but their structural stability tends to collapse above the temperature of 400°C.

The Stainless Steel 904L Flanges are highly resistant to sulfuric acid and other reducing agents in both aggressive and mild conditions. They are suitable for applications where maximum stress corrosion cracking resistance is required under critical enviro

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Types Of Stainless Steel 904L Flanges

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