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Stainless Steel 304H Forged Fittings

Stainless Steel 304H Forged Fittings

When you are buying the Stainless steel 304H forged fittings you will be happy to know these stainless steel fittings are fabricated by using the raw material of premium grade. These stainless steel 304L, 304; 304H are used effectively in various kinds of engineering and industrial applications. The high quality of production of these forged fitting has made itself an ideal choice for buyers to buy and meet all the application requirements perfectly. Stainless steel 304H, 304, 304L forged socket weld, threaded fitting are used widely in big industries that are dealing internationally and nationally in bulks. To shop it you need to necessarily search for the reliable seller that is providing to sales after and values added services to continue dealing with you.

Some specification for you- 

The Stainless steel 304H forged socket weld fittings size ranges from ½” NB to 48” NB. The designations are ASME SA 182, ASTM a 182 and a 240. The dimension of t

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