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Stainless Steel 304LN Forged Fittings

Stainless Steel 304LN Forged Fittings

A pipe fitting in simple terms is defined as the part that is used in the piping system. This is used for changing the direction, changing the piping diameter or for branching. There are numbers of fittings available and they all are available almost in same shapes, sizes etc. The forged fittings normally are made through the round bar as the name itself is suggesting it is to being forged. There are two kinds of forged fittings available that is threaded fitting and socket weld fittings.

Specifications of the product-

The Stainless steel 304LN forged threaded fittings available grade is 304LN, 304, 304H, 304N. The standard specification of it is ASME and ASTM. The designation of fitting is SA 182 and A 182. The dimension standards of it are ASME/ ANSI B 16.11, MSS-SP-95, 97, 79, 83 and BS 3799.  The sizes ranging from these forged fitting is ½” NB to 4” NB IN. The classes of these fittings are 3000#, 9000# and 6000#.

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