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Nickel Alloy Alloy 20 Nuts

Nickel Alloy Alloy 20 Nuts

Alloy 20 nuts are the most engineered nuts. It is highly used nuts because of its great strength. It is designed for bearing the high loads and works in corrosive environments with excellent surface finish and precise dimensions it gives the outstanding results to the customers. It gives a great performance towards the extreme environment. It is a trustful engineering nut to with various applications. These are available in various metric dimensions. With different grades of threads these nuts are used in various types of thread holes. It comes between the 3 to 200 mm lengths for the different applications.

How to check quality of nuts?

All the Nuts are go with quality test and manufactured according to DIN, ASTM, Bs and all other standards. At the time of manufacturing only tested and high quality raw materials are used for the great quality products. Advanced and high tech machineries are used for manufacturing the Alloy 20 nuts for the accurate and precise dimensions.

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