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Hastelloy C276 Pipe Fittings

Hastelloy C276 Pipe Fittings

The specification of Hastelloy C276 pipe fittings is ASTM B366, ASTM SB 366. The available size of pipe fitting is ½” NB to 12”NB IN. The various dimensions of the pipe fittings are ASME/ANSI B16.9, MSS-SP-43 and B16.28. The wall thicknesses of fittings are SCH= SCH 10, 80, 20, 40, 60, 120, 100, 140, 160, XS, STD and XXS. The types of fitting available in the market are seamless, fabricated, ERW and welded. The grade of this fitting is Hastelloy C276 (UNS N10276).

If you want to buy the Hastelloy C276 Butt weld Fittings you must have to search thoroughly on the web for the reliable seller selling in wide comprehensive ranges. You should find various size, shape, grades, dimensions, and thickness at a single seller. Also make sure that the seller is legally issued with the valid license and provide you documentation as a proof of testing, certifications etc. The pipe fitting must be available at easy to affordable rates.  Make sure that the seller provides

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Types Of Hastelloy C276 Pipe Fittings

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