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Alloy Steel A335 P22 Pipes

Alloy Steel A335 P22 Pipes

Alloy steel A335 P22 pipes are premium quality pipes which are made by high quality raw material. These pipes will offer you chrome varnish finish and ensure these pipes from the corrosion and rust related issues. These pipes have good quality durability. These pipes are gone through various quality and product verification tests including all types of national and international quality assurance certifications such as tension test to check the level of tension in these pipes hardens and bend test to verify the hardness of these types of pipes and composition. These pipes are continuously treated by continuous heat process.  Heat treatment checks the batch furnace, tolerance level and many other too.


Alloy steel A335 P22 pipes have bigger diameter than previous other grades including outer dimension 19.05mm to 114.3mm diameter and if we are consider wall thickness 2mm to 14mm and with the length 160K mm.


 These pipes will pack in a s

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