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Carbon Steel A671 Gr CC 60 Pipes

Carbon Steel A671 Gr CC 60 Pipes

Carbon steel ASTM A671 CC60 pipes are the low carbon pipes. These pipes have varies classes to distinguish them from one other. These pipes are used in gas and oil, nuclear and power plants and in many other industries. These tubes and pipes have distinct features such as corrosion resistance, durability and dimensional accuracy and much more. They are mainly used in fabricated pressure vessels to strength levels of a quality plate for various analyses.


Carbon steel ASTM A671 CC60 pipes are differed in their wall thickness and sizes such as 8 to mm THK and 16 to 60 NB inches respectively. These pipes go through various surface treatments such as painting black, bare, galvanized, and varnished, anti-corrosion treatments, etc.

They also go through various types of testing methods such as Eddy current testing, ultrasonic examination, hydrostatic testing and many more. These pipes are mainly used in oil, gas, and water transportation industries.


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