15 Manufacturers, Suppliers, Distributors listed for Carbon Steel A672 Gr CC 65  Pipes
Carbon Steel A672 Gr CC 65 Pipes

Carbon Steel A672 Gr CC 65 Pipes

Carbon steel ASTM A672 CC65 pipes are gone through numerous testing methods such as hydrostatic testing, eddy current, and many national and international quality testing to check the quality of the pipes. These pipes cover the wide range of electric fusion welded pipes with the filler metals inside it. They are fabricated from the several analyses from pressure vessels to strength levels. They are also suitable for higher level atmospheric pressure and lower temperature environmental conditions.

These pipes are not demanding any type of heat treatment. In some cases, they are used as a testing material also .They are packed in wooden cartons and protected with wooden dust so that they do not get damaged on delivery.


Carbon steel ASTM A672 CC65 pipes are rich in good diameter dimensions such as  12 to 64 inches while in the wall thickness vary from 2 to 60 mm including numerous length dimensions. They have many end variations such as plain, protected, bevel

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