24 Manufacturers, Suppliers, Distributors listed for Carbon Steel API 5L X70  Pipes
Carbon Steel API 5L X70 Pipes

Carbon Steel API 5L X70 Pipes

Carbon steel  API 5L X70 pipes come with the imprints of essential information on the upper surface of it , those information’s are as follows  heat number , product number, manufacturing date and much more related with it. These pipes are individually covered with premium quality manufacturing materials; these things will also cover the protection area of them as well. It will retain their quality and prevent it from external damages.

Carbon steel API 5L X70 pipes are of standard length and sizes which results a good quality product. Most of them are seamless pipes but not all. Some of them are beveled, some are welded or fabricated. Seamless part of these pipes will support the offshore industry while other versions are used in remaining important industries such as oil and gas industry, etc.

Carbon steel API 5L X70 pipes will confirm and matches all the national and international standards of the quality of it. They are mainly suits the transportation industry

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