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Carbon Steel BS 1387 Pipes

Carbon Steel BS 1387 Pipes

Carbon steel BS 1387 pipes are light weight product of low carbon composition. If we are going to discuss about the dimensions of these pipes you will find that their fittings are extra ordinary and their inner and outer diameters are also vary with the length. Their piping system is also good as the set it is according to the dimensions of the pipes. If we see that the allowed pressure on these pipes are 400?F temperature.

These pipes have many great features they are as follows- easy handling, less maintenance cost, compact design and much more. These features will make these pipes to stand out from the list of other pipes.

Carbon steel BS 1387 pipes are also available in numerous sizes which highly depends up on the variety of the material by which they are manufactured. These pipes are used in petrochemical industry, fertilizers, boilers and drilling industry and many other industries. These pipes are of good quality and available in the market with better outer finishing sur

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