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Carbon Steel BS 1965-1 Pipes

Carbon Steel BS 1965-1 Pipes

Carbon Steel BS 1965-1 pipes are now available in different shapes, sizes as well as dimensions. They also are known by another name i.e. mild steel pipes and their availability in the market is at very low cost. They are made in accordance with the BS specifications even commercially recommended as ms or cs pipes. Low carbon steel tubes may not be toughened as high carbon steel; however carburizing is able to boost hardness of its surface.

These pipes are mostly for pressure objectives and it is sold out in both deburred ends and Plain Square. They are provided with bundle strapped, stenciled and standard varnished. Each bundle of it is wrapped as per the needs of customers and especially for export orders. On the packages marking is done so that material don’t get misplaced or mixed.

Carbon Steel BS 1965-1 pipes standard specifies primary dimensions, material, and tolerances for 90 degrees as well as 45-degree elbows. Also 180, degree equal trees, return bends as well as

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