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Carbon Steel DIN 1630 Pipes

Carbon Steel DIN 1630 Pipes

The industrial market is a very big market, it growing day by day. As it grows, several new things also being manufactured that give strength to the industrial market like carbon steel DIN 1630 pipes. These pipes are too strong but with low cost.  They are also known to be mild pipes, contains 0.22 % max carbon content and 160% of manganese that shapes the pipes well.  Besides this, all such pipes were designed with the specification of DIN and with the commercially reference as ms pipes and cs pipes. Somehow these pipes are not hard like hig carbon pipes made up of steel.

Specifications of this pipe-

Its standard is DIN 1630 .Length is 5.8mm or 11.8 mm or 12mm or goes the random length .OD is 10.3-711mm and wt is 2-100mm The Carbon Steel DIN 1630 pipes cover with the seamless circular tubes that are of non- alloy steel. Beside this, it is also a very high-quality steel. These pipes are available in the Beveled end cuts, deburred ends or plain square cuts. All these bu

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