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Carbon Steel EN 10084 Pipes

Carbon Steel EN 10084 Pipes

As a buyer, when you look into the online market there you will find so many grades of the carbon steel, that is good for every industry. But before buying any of the grades pipes you need to know about that product first like what kind of material is used in it, is the material is of high quality and much more things you have to check. Carbon Steel EN 10084 is one of the grades which are in demand at present. Many users now prefer these pipes because they know that it's structured with the right combination of the carbon and manganese.

Amount of carbon content is 014-019% whereas amount of manganese is 100-130%

This grade of the EN10084 covers hardening steel plain carbon case for the parts through core tensile strength is of 600mm to 800N/mm. besides that, it even makes it good resistance for the camshafts, piston bolts, and other mechanical engineering components. Carbon Steel EN 10084 pipes length is normal lying between 5 to 7metre and it even goes with the random length.

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