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Carbon Steel EN 10253-2 Pipes

Carbon Steel EN 10253-2 Pipes

In the high-temperature applications you have seen so many things like pipes, but do you have any idea that these devices were made up of what kind of material. In past years it was designed with the normal material which was weak but now they made up with the Carbon Steel, it even comes in so many different types of grades like the one Carbon Steel EN 10235-2 pipes. Its manufacturing process makes it ready to bear any kind of temperature. It has a proper and stable combination of the chromium max 0.08 and 0.03 Molybdenum. 

Its chemical composition makes it strong and good to use.  The companies who are making this product take care of the material which is used in the making of the pipes. The company completed the process of the making of few required steps:

Test of quality material, Pressure factor test steel grading, proper mechanical properties, Right dimensions and tolerance test and Proper completion of the testing and inspection

Carbon Steel Carbon Steel EN 10

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