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Carbon Steel IS 1239 Pipes

Carbon Steel IS 1239 Pipes

All carbon steel IS 1239 pipes are produced and supplied according to the ASTM/BS/IS standard specifications. The pipes undergo scheme of both inspection and testing that is performed by the professionals at every level of production. The testing of surface and inspection of a production process is mandated to ensure the high quality of production of these grade pipes.

Product descriptions-

The carbon steel IS 1239 pipes are available in size 15mm to 150mm NB and 7”. The length of the pipe is available according to the clients need but maximum to 7 meters. The machined division of IS1239 grade pipe is latest in the technology wherein host of finishing operation machine and family of this machine is used. Rapid quenching and solution treatment are very much essential for maximizing the martensitic phase formation that maximizes aging response. 

Features of the pipe-

It is highly featured with deformability, high strength, high toughness, resistant to corrosion and

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