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Carbon Steel IS 3589 Pipes

Carbon Steel IS 3589 Pipes

Carbon steel IS 3589 pipes are heavily used in water sewage and transportation work as they will not easily affect by rust and other chemical attacks. They have outside diameter starting from 168.3 to 2540mm. They are certified by hydrostatic pressure test, physical and chemical properties, which are generally used under supervision of own international quality tests. They follow all national and international quality tests. They are mainly used in drainage, erection, water supply, handling of coals, and many more.

They have some commercial qualities which are arising in the manufacturing production of API or IS 3589 carbon steel grade pipes. They are certified to hydrostatic test pressure such as IS 3589, commercial quality tests , API 5L PSL-1 and 2, both and many more other quality assurance tests are done on these pipes.

 Carbon steel IS 3589 pipes are available in various shapes and sizes such as rectangular, round, square and many more. Their working capacity is about

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