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Carbon Steel JIS G3445 Pipes

Carbon Steel JIS G3445 Pipes

The standard of the Carbon Steel JIS G3445 pipes is specified by the Japanese standard. The material composition makes it well for use. Its basic length is from 3 to 8 meters long and weight is approx 2-25mm whereas OD fall under the 20-206 mm. talking about its working conditions than it works in the cold worked stress, hot rolled, normalized applications, automobiles, machinery, furniture and in many other mechanical appliances. These were the items in which the use of the steel pipes is most important this makes it run for long.


The large diameters cover up with the beveled ends which are according to the ANSI B16.25 and that is of plastic caps. Moreover, the black painted surface sometimes losses it packaging that’s why it needed to be to cover it well from all sides. On the other hand, the small diameter which is below the 2 straight ends or over the 2 beveled ends should have the caps of plastics whereas the black painted surface and the hexagonal burdens nee

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