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Carbon Steel JIS G3461 Pipes

Carbon Steel JIS G3461 Pipes

This grade of pipe “Carbon steel JIS G3461” is mainly used in exchanging heat outside and inside in the tubes such as boiler, condenser, exchanger or smoke tubes and in many places. But they are not suitable for the heating furnace, especially at low-temperature service. These pipes will follow all the national and international quality assurance tests to verify their standard.

 Carbon steel JIS G3461 has the wide variety of appearances such as they are practically angled axis and straight, they have good quality well finish inside and outside surface.

These pipes are passing through the various tests, which are known as test assurance tests, which can test their product quality. These pipes are passed through all national and international quality assurance to showcase that these pipes are made up of best quality material and support their specific industry very well.

These pipes also go through some other tests also like the tensile test, analytic testing, a

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